Water Delivery Options Still Abound

A simple concern for today’s home owner or apartment dweller is clean, safe drinking water. Many families tackle this problem by purchasing and installing a drinking water filter. That seems like a sensible approach considering it’s common knowledge that tap water contains contaminants and additives that may cause health problems. Things like lead are even allowed in drinking water up to a certain amount. Beyond the elements introduced through nature and the aging water system, many municipalities add chemicals like chlorine and fluoride for there supposed health benefits. In the end, it’s best to know what’s in your water – and what’s not.

The first step is testing. There are easy  ماء نوفا to use water testing kits that can be purchased from any neighborhood hardware store or big box department store. These kits will measure common elements in your tap water to let you know exactly which contaminants you may be dealing with and at what levels. Most of these kits are no more difficult to use than a pool water tester and come with clear instructions that walk you through the process. If the results are within levels that you’re comfortable with, you can enjoy the water without the concern or added expense of filtering. If not, there are options.

One option is to buy bottled water. Services that deliver filtered water to your home are relatively inexpensive compared to other monthly bills and it’s a mostly hands off solution. You simply pay the bill and the water shows up ready to drink. The question is whether it’s the best solution. Given the environmental problems caused by plastic bottles and emissions from vehicles (like the big water deliver trucks) there are certainly better options from an environmental standpoint. You also are committing to a monthly bill for the length of the contract or until you get tired of paying, whichever comes first. Over time those “relatively inexpensive” water delivery bills add up.

The second option, and the one we recommend, is a home drinking water filter installed right in your kitchen. If you think about it, you’re already paying a monthly bill for water from your city or town. You can treat that water for drinking at a much cheaper cost than delivery. The only re-occurring expense is the filter, which you should change once a year. Just like the testing kits, you can get these filtering systems at your local hardware store for an easy do it yourself project or, as we recommend, purchase online from a top rated company after doing your research for a more competitive price