Tourism in Turkey and how to obtain a Turkish visa

Turkey is one of the unique countries in tourism. It is characterized by several fields, cultural and historical diversity, and has many tourist attractions. You can live a different experience in bringing together religious, tourist, and historical landmarks, green spaces, many parks, and markets for shopaholics and brands. Turkey ranks seventh in the world in terms of tourism due to the diversity of its historical features.

The most famous tourist attractions in Turkey:


It is 75 km from Istanbul, characterized by hot springs for treatment, and characterized by the beauty of its green nature and various waterfalls.


It is characterized by its wonderful beaches, the most famous of which is the Icmeler Beach, which is considered the most beautiful beach in Turkey and is characterized by its wonderful location, the purity of the water and the color of its golden sand. Marmaris is distinguished by its castle that dates back to the Roman era and includes many different artifacts.

Northern Turkish Cities:

The Turkish North is one of the best tourist areas for lovers of mountains, green nature, and high plains. It includes many cities such as Trabzon, which has Uzungol lake, Sumela Castle and various caves, and Rize, which has the famous Eder Plain, high plains, waterfalls, and many other cities and villages that make you feel secluded. About the world.

Applying for a Turkey visa:

You can obtain a Turkish visa electronically through easy and simple steps through the Visa Turkey website.

Submission steps:

  1. Choose a nationality
  2. Choose the type of passport
  3. Choose the date of arrival in Turkey
  4. Fill in your data
  5. Pay the fees

After obtaining the Turkish visa, you must print the visa. At the time of travel, you can show the paper visa to the airport employee and enter the Turkish territory.

Important notes while applying

  1. If you have more than one passport, you must choose the passport with which you will travel to Turkey
  2. The electronic visa is only for tourism and trade purposes. The visa should not use it for other purposes such as working or studying in Turkey.
  3. The Turkish government is free to refuse a visa application
  4. The information registered in the visa must be identical to the passport, and in the event of a discrepancy in the information, the visa shall be considered void

5. Do not hesitate to give personal information. The Turkish government keeps the data confidential and does not share it with a third party.