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For guys, there are very few thrills life that can match the adrenaline pumping action of driving a high-powered machine around a track, or driving a rally car through the dirt. This is the kind of heart-pumping, non-stop action that anyone can experience on one of the driving day experiences available through UK gift experience companies. Whether you are buying a gift for a special person, or just wanting to treat yourself, purchasing one of these driving gift experiences will be something you won’t regret!

If you often dream about driving super tesla accessories cars, such as those shown on motoring TV programs like Top Gear, then these driving experience days are the way to make it happen. Maybe it’s the classic red Ferrari that you want to speed round the historic Silverstone track, or perhaps you would prefer taking the powerful and modern Audi R8 around the famous track at Mallory Park, in Leicester. Arriving at the track on the day of your experience is an unparalleled feeling, and once you open the door and climb into the hard racing seats of your chosen machine your blood pressure will sky-rocket, before you have even turned a wheel.

One of these driving gift experiences will make what was once a fantasy, become a reality. Under the careful guidance of a qualified driver, you will put the pedal to the metal and see hundreds of horsepower come to life. It’s not just Audi’s and Ferrari’s that are available; you can feel like James Bond in an Aston Martin Vanquish, or pitch a Porsche against a Ferrari in a time-trial race. Whether your taste in cars is British, Italian or German, there will be something for you.

On one of these track days, not only will you be able to drive a super car, you will learn valuable skills about how to handle such a powerful machine. Discover how to take corners like a pro and learn the secrets of going from 0-60 MPH in under five seconds, whilst staying in control. These driving days will leave you with an unforgettable experience, but you will have to remember that at the end of the day, the real roads have speed limits!

For those who want to get off the tarmac and on to some gravel, there is the adrenaline-pumping day of driving a rally car. Anyone who has seen a rally firsthand, or just on the television, has seen those small cars drive at breakneck speeds through forests or over huge jumps. As hard as it is to believe, when you sit in the driver’s seat it seems five times faster and ten times scarier. A will let you learn the secrets of over steer, skid control and heel-toe braking. This will give you some idea of how the professionals stay on the road, well most of the time anyway! Perhaps the experience will even help you learn how to keep your own car under control in a road accident. Once you have learnt the basics and familiarised yourself with the course, you will take control, with the instructor at your side, who will act as your co-driver.

When choosing one of these driving experiences, you may have trouble deciding what make and model to take the track. Try whichever one of the above takes your fancy, and you just may find yourself returning for another experience, allowing you to choose yet another super car.

I have driven round some of the top racetracks, including Brands Hatch, Castle Coombe and even the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany. It is an amazing experience and something I recommend to all. I hope to one day be able to get back out on the track, but it can be an expensive hobby.