Occasion Candy Recipes – The Ultimate Recipes to Make Candy

Occasion Candy Recipes – The Ultimate Recipes to Make Candy


Do you like candy however much I do? Indeed, did you realize that you can get ready delectable candy from the solace of your home? Walnut pralines, raspberry godliness, chocolate turtles and coconut bon bons are some basic yet delightful sweets plans you can get ready at home.


The following are the plans pavê de bolacha champagne so you can give them a shot and you will perceive what I mean:


  1. Walnut Pralines




– 1 cup of earthy colored sugar


– 1 cup of sugar


– 1 cup of milk


– 1 tablespoon of maple syrup


– 1 tablespoon of margarine


– 1/8 teaspoon of salt


– 1 cup of slashed walnuts




– Combine sugars and milk.


– Cook over low warmth, blending continually until sugars are broken down and combination bubbles.


– Cook until thermometer registers 224.


– Add margarine and walnuts.


– Cook until a modest quantity of combination frames a delicate ball when dropped in cool water.


– Cool rapidly to tepid.


– Stir in maple syrup and warmth until thick.


– Drop on a buttered surface and smooth out into patties.


  1. Raspberry Divinity




– 3 cups of sugar


– 1 – 3 oz. Bundle of raspberry gelatin


– 1/2 cup of chipped coconut


– 2 egg whites, firmly beaten


– 3/4 cup of light corn syrup


– 1 cup of slashed walnuts


– 3/4 cu of water




– Combine sugar, corn syrup, and water.


– Bring to a bubble, blending continually.


– Reduce warmth and cook to hard ball stage.


– Combine beaten egg whites and gelatin – beat until combination shapes hardened pinnacles.


– Pour hot syrup gradually into egg whites, beating until candy loses sparkle and holds shape.


– Fold in coconut and nuts (discretionary).


– Pour into lubed 9 inch square skillet.


– Top with columns of cleaved nuts and coconut.


  1. Chocolate Turtles




For The Turtles


– 2 squares of chocolate


– 1/2 cup of margarine


– 2 eggs


– 3/4 cup of sugar


– 1 cup of flour


– 1 teaspoon of vanilla