Know more about umbrellas

Let’s start with the main things you should know. Regarding umbrellas, there are 3 main components. that we have chosen to take into account when choosing an umbrella

  1. Umbrella handle | 2. Umbrella body | 3. Umbrella spokes, umbrella

handle for fixing the umbrella. and is a handle The tip is often made large or bent, or has a more shape like a cane handle for adults to choose from for comfortable gripping. More useful. They are made of metal, wood, and plastic.

Know more about the umbrella.

The umbrella is made of rainproof fabric. (commonly known as umbrella cloth) or polyester fabric, powder cloth (pg) shape spread in circles or squares fixed on the umbrella ribs or frame. Shade fabrics come in many shades. You can set the desired color at all. including the size of the umbrella,

known umbrella ribs / umbrella frame

Umbrella spokes are an important part of an umbrella. that makes the umbrella collapsible They are small, attached to each other in pieces. can be folded in and out Some are single-section or so-called. “One-section umbrella size 21 inches” “One-section umbrella size 22 inches” “One-section umbrella size 24 inches” “One-section umbrella size 28 inches” “One-section

umbrella size 30 inches” “One-section umbrella size 30 inches, 2 layers” can only close the umbrella And there are also subdivided into “8-spoke spherical, 12-spoke spherical, 16-spoke round”, “6-spoke square-spoke, 8-spoke” as well, some are two-part or called “2-fold umbrellas, 3-fold

umbrellas” 4-fold umbrella, 5-fold umbrella, can be folded down again and in both “8-spoke spherical” and “6-spoke square” shape, when folded, it is compact and easy to carry.

So and all When we know that umbrellas are of ของชำร่วยงานศพtypes. We all need to know exactly what kind of umbrella we want to use. suitable for users? This is right